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This page is dedicated to NEURISA sponsors, where you can access additional information about their products and services.  Each logo is linked to their official website.  To learn more about sponsorship, please review our Corporate Sponsorship 2022 Prospectus, and if interested, sign up for an annual corporate sponsorship here.

Applied Geographics - Maptitude (Caliper)  - CAI TechnologiesControl Point Associates - Dawood Engineering - Spatial Relationships -  Tighe&Bond 

Applied Geographics, Inc. (AppGeo) was founded in 1991 in order to solve problems and create insights for local and state government using geospatial Information Technology (geospatial IT), and throughout its history, AppGeo has listened carefully to and pursued the interests of its customers.

What distinguishes AppGeo today is our breadth of knowledge and experience with today's leading GIS platforms and supporting technologies (Google, Esri, CartoDB, Boundless, Open source, MapBox and others). This allows us to put our customers' concerns first and to apply the appropriate combination of one or more technologies to each job.

Need to refresh a GIS plan, update some data, or geoenable a key work process? You can contact us through or by calling 617-447-2400.

For more information, visit:

CAI Technologies, originally named Cartographic Associates, Inc., was founded in 1985 as a municipal mapping company. Since that time, and to meet clients’ growing needs, CAI Technologies has become a leader in GIS solutions, while still providing a wide spectrum of mapping services. Throughout this growth and expansion of services, the company has never lost sight of the importance of providing top-quality and cost-effective services. As a direct result of that guiding principle and the commitment of the entire CAI Technologies staff, the company serves over 650 local governments and large regional utilities.

Our services include:

  •     Geographic Information System (GIS) design, implementation, and maintenance.
  •     AxisGIS, web-based GIS.
  •     Public Works Information Management (PWIM) GIS for utilities.
  •     Customized desktop, web and mobile GIS solutions.
  •     Municipal mapping, including record research and compilation.
  •     Utility infrastructure mapping.
  •     GPS data collection and integration.
  •     Overlay data development and integration.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

For more information, visit:

For more information, visit:

For over 28 years, Control Point Associates, Inc. has provided the talent necessary for the projects critical to client success by delivering quality survey documents in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Founded in 1992, Control Point Associates, Inc. operates strategically throughout the Eastern United States. We are professionally licensed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, South Carolina, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, and Colorado, which ensures field crew accessibility and major market coverage.

Control Point Associates, Inc.’s headquarters is located in Warren, New Jersey, with branches in Mount Laurel, New Jersey; Manhattan, New York; Hauppauge, New York; Albany, New York; Rochester, New York; Chalfont, Pennsylvania; and Southborough, Massachusetts - with 154 full-time employees and 40 field crews throughout the company.

Creating strategic partnerships with key clientele and our network of partners allows Control Point Associates, Inc., the unique opportunity to offer a variety of land surveying and consulting services to meet the demands of the ever-changing marketplace. Integrity, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, and Reliability are the benchmarks of Control Point Associates, Inc.’s pursuit of excellence. This continues to enable our organization to service our expanding client base and market diversity successfully.

Control Point Associates, Inc. has performed an extensive amount of surveying throughout the region, performing thousands of boundary and location surveys, ALTA/NSPS Land Title surveys, 3D laser scanning, interior existing condition plans, construction stakeout services, as-built surveys, BIM modeling, GIS, asset management, aerial photogrammetry, UAV, hydrographic surveys, mobile LiDAR, and subsurface utility engineering. Control Point Associates, Inc. has worked with many professional organizations across the country, with each having their own independent set of standards, so we can easily adapt or modify to make certain the needs of the project and the client are met.

For more information, visit:


Dawood Engineering, Inc. (Dawood) is a nationwide leading provider for Geographic Information System (GIS) supporting multifaceted industries. GIS serves as a data liaison between departments and ensures data integrity and quality assurance, which is vital with the integration of various softwares. Using cutting edge, customizable, web-based technologies, Dawood's GIS Certified Professionals and Specialists finds innovative solutions by using visualized project data from a spatial perspective. The power of GIS is apparent when managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced data. Having developed GIS procedures unlike anyone else, we can trim at least "two weeks for every five miles" of pipeline deliverables for an energy client. Additionally, Dawood offers a full lineup of engineering services as well as state-of-the-art surveying and mapping services.

For more information, visit :

Spatial Relationships bring people and knowledge together.  We offer services for project management, data development, software management and application development. Client-based "middle person" GIS Consulting project management services for projects focused on Location Intelligence. Location Intelligence and GIS-based software management and application development for ongoing or project support. Full-spectrum location-based GIS Consulting data services including but not limited to field collection, conversion, creation, analysis and visualization. We offer powerful outcomes:

  • Save Money: Utilize GIS Consulting for Location Intelligence and projects in order to save money by completing your project on time with only the resources you need.
  • Build Trust: Build trust by utilizing Location Intelligence and GIS-based IT Consulting Service to deliver on your promises to community and colleagues.
  • GoLive On Time: Meet your deadlines on time with the support of GIS Consulting services for Location Intelligence based projects utilizing ESRI products.

For more information, visit:

Being a leader in engineering, design, planning, and environmental consulting services can mean different things to different people. To our clients, it means having a go-to project leader and team you trust. To us, it means being innovators and problem solvers. Together, we have achieved many great things.

Although Tighe & Bond (pronounced “Tie & Bond”) has been around for more than a century, we have never stopped evolving and improving to keep pace with the growing needs of our clients. Vision, technical expertise, exceptional service, and strong client relationships have always been at the forefront of who we are. Moving forward and discovering innovation is what we do.

We offer a full array of engineering, landscape design, and environmental consulting services, including:

  • Building Engineering – geotechnical, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing
  • Coastal & Waterfront Solutions
  • Environmental Consulting – site assessment, remediation, demolition, hazardous materials, permitting, planning, regulatory compliance, wetlands/ecological and waste management
  • GIS & Asset Management
  • Landscape Architecture & Urban Design
  • Civil Engineering & Site Planning
  • Transportation Engineering – traffic, roadways, parking, bridges, infrastructure
  • Water & Wastewater Engineering – drinking water, wastewater, stormwater

For more information, visit:

The New England Chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (NEURISA) is the professional association of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) practitioners in New England. NEURISA is a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization whose mission is to advance the effective and appropriate use of GIS and related information technologies to solve challenges throughout the region.

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