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NEURISA 2022 Board of Directors

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Executive Board Officers

Jennie Byron, President
Golder, member of WSP USA Inc.

Emily Pettit, President-Elect
Maine Office of GIS

Thad Dymkowski, Treasurer
Town of South Windsor, Connecticut

Matthew Franz, GISP, Secretary
Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission

Cynthia Gaines, GISP, Events Coordinator
Massachusetts Broadband Institute

Chester Cheng, Membership Coordinator
Town of Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Directors At-Large

Jessica Cigna

Rhode Island Department of State

Matthew Deal
ESRI, Inc.

Pamela Locke, GISP
University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Ryan Norton
Town of Foxborough, Massachusetts

Jeff Olson

Jay Metzger
Rhode Island Department of Health, Center of Health Data and Analytics

Jennie Byron, President

Jennie Byron is a Senior Project Geospatial Lead in the Earth and Environment Division with Golder, member of WSP USA Inc. She has over 15 years of experience leading projects in GIS, CAD and 3D visualization and provides spatial solutions at the local and international level on projects spanning infrastructure, energy, geology, mineral exploration, waste management, hydrology, and environmental science. She taught “GIS Applications in the Earth Sciences” to 3rd year undergraduate students at Laurentian University, Canada for several years. She holds a B.Sc. in Geology from Acadia University and an Advanced Diploma in GIS from the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS). She is a senior member of Golder’s global Spatial Information Management Technical Community, supporting GIS innovation and technical excellence. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and being oceanside.

Emily Pettit, President-Elect and Design Lead

atlarge7 Emily Pettit is the GIS Coordinator for the Maine Office of GIS (MEGIS), which provides geospatial data, services, and support to GIS users in state government and the broader geospatial community. She earned her M.Sc. in Cartography and GIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she worked as a cartographer and metadata technician. This is her second year on the NEURISA Board. When not creating maps, managing projects, or running analyses, Emily enjoys exploring Maine by hiking, backpacking, and cross-country skiing.

Jodie Gosselin, GISP, Immediate Past-President

Jodie Gosselin is the Director of Geospatial Technologies at Dawood Engineering, a multidisciplinary design firm founded in 1992. She has over 17 years of experience in GIS with a focus on utilities and asset management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography/GIS, is a certified GIS Professional (GISP), and an ESRI-Certified ArcGIS Desktop Professional.  This will be her seventh year serving on the Board of Directors for NEURISA. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, making traditions, exploring, and soaking in every minute of motherhood with identical twin toddlers at home. As a working Mom, Ms. Gosselin is passionate about both geography and education and is eager to continue NEURISA’s work in K-12 education this year.

Thad Dymkowski, GISP, Treasurer

treasurer Thad Dymkowski is the GIS Analyst for the Town of South Windsor, Connecticut. With a BA and MS in Geography/GIS from Central Connecticut State University, and almost 20 years of professional experience, Thad has contributed to the private sector, public sector, and the world of academia. You may or may not have seen him present at a NEARC conference, NEURISA Day, a GIS Day event, or any other place people are happy to listen to him. He is most proud of his 8 year old twins, but also his GISP and the GIS Certificate Program that he created and teaches at his alma mater. This is his fifth term in the role of Treasurer for NEURISA, though he has been a longtime supporter of NEURISA. When not playing the role of GIS professional, he likes playing soccer with his kids, listening to live music, and sitting on any beach with his    wife.

Matt Franz, GISP, Secretary

secretary Matt Franz is the GIS Analyst at the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) where he provides GIS management, services and support to CMRPC staff, member communities and outside agencies. Activities include GIS data/Database development/maintenance, GIS training, GIS/Database technical support and project development and implementation. Matt has been working in state and municipal GIS since 2000. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Cartography from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. When not creating maps and editing data, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, playing board games, swimming and most things Sci-fi.

Cynthia Gaines, GISP, Events Coordinator

Cynthia Gaines is the GIS Manager at the Massachusetts Broadband Institute, providing mapping and spatial analysis support for the design, deployment, and operation of high-speed broadband networks in western and central Mass. Prior to MBI, she worked at GIS and environmental consulting firms, with a primary focus on facilities management and ordnance remediation projects. She has over 20 years of GIS experience and holds a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Science from the University of Virginia and a GISP certification. She also loves to travel, play soccer, and do all sorts of outdoor activities - including mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, and much more.

Chester Cheng, Membership Coordinator

membercoord Chester Cheng is the GIS-IT Coordinator and Project Manager with the Town of Tewksbury in Massachusetts. He has over 15 years of experience working with GIS, data analysis, and project management. Previous to Tewksbury, he worked at several government agencies in New York City. Chester is a FAA Part 107 certified remote pilot and holds a graduate degree in Urban Planning. Outside of work Chester enjoys trying out new foods, spending time outdoors and with his family.

Matt Barrett, GISP, At-Large (Assoc. Membership Coordinator)

atlarge1 Matt Barrett has been in municipal GIS in New England for almost 20 years. Prior to his current position in Woburn he worked in the same capacity for two other municipalities, most recently in Rockport, MA for 4-1/2 years, having been in Concord, MA for the 11 years previous. Before Concord, Matt was with a regional planning agency in New Hampshire for a short time just after grad school. Matt also recently acquired his FAA part 107 remote pilot’s certificate and is working to establish a drone program in the City of Woburn.

Jessica Cigna, At-Large (Marketing / Social Media Coordinator)

atlarge2 Jessica Cigna has spent her career striving to make data and information more accessible and transparent, always with a spatial bent and always community-minded. Jess currently serves as the Senior Data Analyst for the Rhode Island Department of State. She has a MPP from Brown University and a BA in Public and Community Service Studies from Providence College. She also currently serves on the Board of the Providence Housing Authority and enjoys a variety of hobbies- you can find her hiking or enjoying a new-to-her brewery most weekends.

Matt Deal, At-Large

atlarge3 Matt Deal likes connecting ideas and people through location. Using modern technology to improve cooperation and solve real world problems is a worthy task and it is one of his goals to improve and refine processes. Nothing is perfect, and so constant progress is itself a goal that motivates him to help folks find ways to impact their organizations. Matt has been in the geospatial field for many years, starting with environmental focused areas of forestry and agriculture and then on to imagery and finally business focused geoanalytics.

Pamela Locke, GISP, At-Large (Assoc. Events Coordinator)

atlarge4 Pamela Locke is the Facilities Information Systems Coordinator at UMass Lowell where she manages spatial data upkeep, data collection, and data sharing throughout the University. She received her undergraduate degree in Geography from Clark University and her Master’s Degree in GIS from Pennsylvania State University. She has served on the NEURISA board since 2016 and enjoyed her term as President in 2019. Outside of work and NEURISA, Pamela enjoys travel, art, and playing with her dog.

Jay Metzger, At-Large

pastpresident Jay Metzger is the GIS Manager for the Rhode Island Department of Health. He has a background in Environmental and Municipal GIS. He has a passion for GIS and it shows in his exuberance for the growth of the GIS Profession. This is his fourth year serving on the Board of Directors for NEURISA, and is honored to be the Immediate Past-President in 2021. In his spare time, he keeps busy with his two daughters and loves to see them laugh. Excelsior!

Ryan Norton, At-Large (Webmaster)

atlarge5 Ryan Norton is the GIS Specialist for the Town of Foxborough, Massachusetts, where he has worked since July 2013. He received his undergrad at UMass Boston where he studied Earth, Environmental and Ocean Science with a GIS concentration, and his Master of Arts in Geographic Information Sciences at Clark University. In his spare time he is developing a website using PostGIS which will facilitate connections between GIS professionals, employers, academia, and other organizations. He is also an avid musician and enjoys getting outside. Ryan also loves to travel and is looking forward to catching up on his backlog of trips the later half of the year!

Jeff Olson, At-Large (Assoc. Communications Coordinator)

atlarge6 Jeff Olson is a GIS Analyst with Unitil Corporation, a regional Gas & Electric Utility in Hampton, NH, where he works as part of a team of GIS Analysts overseeing the maintenance and integrity of company Enterprise GIS datasets. Additionally Jeff administers the company gas construction GPS database and has experience in the collection and correction of GPS data, data dictionary creation and geodatabase design. Jeff is a certified GISP who has worked in the GIS field for over fifteen years in a variety of areas with the majority being in the Utility sector. Jeff has a BA in Geography with a specialization in GIS and cartography from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Jeff is highly involved in the New England geospatial professional world having served this year on NEARC Host Committee, organizing Mappy Hour events for the Unofficial Seacoast GIS organization and having previously served on the NEURISA Board of Directors for 5 years. He proudly served in several officer positions including President in 2017, Treasurer & Communications Coordinator. Outside of Jeff’s professional life he loves to travel, hike and spend time with his wife & daughter.

The New England Chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (NEURISA) is the professional association of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) practitioners in New England. NEURISA is a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization whose mission is to advance the effective and appropriate use of GIS and related information technologies to solve challenges throughout the region.

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